Has Kate Middleton had her baby yet? Not quite. But according to psychic medium Katie Helliwell, the Duchess of Cambridge will give birth today even though her due date isn’t until next week. Not only that, but Katie also made predictions on the gender — which the royal family has yet to disclose — and the weight of the newborn. “She will have a beautiful baby boy weighing eight pounds, one ounce,” Katie told Express UK.

While the rumor mill has recently gone into overdrive in terms of the gender, fans were convinced Prince William hinted they’re having a boy last week while he celebrated his favorite soccer team’s triumph over Cardiff City. “I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack,” Willaim said, in honor of player Jack Grealish who scored the winning goal, before adding “or Jackie.”

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However, Katie, who has never met Kate or William, had other ideas of who the baby would be named after. She told Express UK that the name will pay tribute to the Duchess’ late grandfather. “I feel the baby will be named after him and he will be similar in personality,” she said. While Katie didn’t say which grandfather she was referring to, Express UK believes it’s Kate’s paternal grandfather, Peter Francis Middleton, who died in 2010.

And that’s not all! Kate hasn’t made a public appearance since Easter Sunday on April 1 and Katie thinks she knows why. “I feel Kate is exhausted as she has struggled through the pregnancy,” she said. And there’s actually some factual basis behind that speculation.

The Duchess suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or severe morning sickness, early in her pregnancy. “She’s sometimes bedridden for days,” a source told Life & Style.

While there’s been no word on whether Kate is even in labor today, Katie continued to channel spirit. Luckily for fans of the royal family, Katie is convinced that this isn’t the last baby for Prince William and Kate. “I’m told there will be a fourth child and that the couple have a fantastic relationship,” she said. “Spirit say the passion is as strong as when they first met.” We hope you’re right, Katie.

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