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It’s been eight years since Heidi Montag released her first and only studio album, Superficial — a criminally underrated pop opus — which featured 12 brilliantly produced songs that still set my soul on fire to this day. However, there was one standout track that the Hills alum, 31, left on the cutting room floor.

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Heidi reveals why “Body Language” will always hold a special place in her heart even though it didn’t make Superficial’s final cut. According to the reality TV star-turned-singer, the tune remains one of her favorites because…wait for it…her husband, Spencer Pratt, raps on it!

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“I do love ‘Body Language,’ especially because Spencer raps on it. That’s why it will always be one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever recorded,” Heidi says. “I cut ‘Body Language’ right after I cut ‘Touch Me,’ my first song with David Foster.”

When “Body Language” was officially released in the summer of 2009, it wasn’t made blatantly clear that the MC featured on the song was Pratt Daddy himself. I, for one, had no idea — and now my mind is officially blown. Because, um, Spencer, now 34, has mad skillz, and I truly mean that. Check out the video below and listen to my boy lay down some impressive bars around the 2:18 mark:

As Heidi fans are well aware, the pop goddess performed “Body Language” live from the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in Nassau, Bahamas, at the 58th annual Miss Universe pageant on Aug. 23, 2009, in front millions of viewers. Being a staunch supporter of Heidi — before and after she was unjustly painted as the villain in her history-making feud with Hills co-star Lauren Conrad — I was stoked AF to see my queen slay the stage.

I was a freshman in college at the time, and coerced my roommates to join me at a gay bar where they were playing the pageant in real time. Obvi, it was one of the most magical nights of my life. From her Britney Spears-inspired costume to her killer choreography (fight me if you don’t think Heidi can dance), it was one of the most flawless presentations of pop music I had ever, and probably will ever, witness. Looking back, I only wish Spencer — whose verse on “Body Language” was uncredited — would have joined her for the iconic number. Sigh.

Heidi Montag “Body Language” Miss Universe 2009 from MK on Vimeo.

Asked about her decision to not include the auditory masterpiece on Superficial, Heidi tells Life & Style that she “wanted to keep it as fresh as I could.” Plus, “Body Language” sampled Yazoo’s 1982 hit “Situation” — which provided a slight challenge.

“I think we had a hard time getting to use the sample at the time and we could only cut so much. And I felt like I wanted new songs on the album. I feel like people had already heard ‘Body Language,’” says Heidi. “Even though I think it’s a great song and I love it so much, I just felt like it didn’t fully go with the other songs at the time. I guess I should have added it on Superficial, maybe as a bonus track.”

“Body Language” and Superficial are available on iTunes.