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11 Celebs’ Whose Bodies Are so Unreal, It’s Hard to Believe They’re Moms

It almost seems unfair how hot celebrity moms are. Sure, they've all got trainers, nutritionists, dieticians and million dollar contracts that can provide incredible motivation, but still — dang, right? It seems like Kylie Jenner just popped out her baby a minute ago, and yet she's already back on the beach in itty bitty bikinis, her adorable baby Stormi balanced on one hip. And it's just like, what? How?! It only took Kylie three months to get back to that tiny little waist she's been showing off on Instagram. And yeah, it may have something to do with the waist-trainers the Kardashian crew always seems to be hawking on social media, but we're still fully blown away.

And Kylie's not the only hot mama that has our jaws dropping after. She's not even the only one in her family. Almost all of the Kardashians will be receiving Mother's Day cards this year, and absolutely all of them are gorgeous AF. We haven't seen much of Khloé Kardashian since she gave birth, but we already know that when she makes her full return to the spotlight, she's going to be looking amazing. #RevengeBody who? It's all about that post-baby body, now. Maybe we'll even get a new reality show out of it where Koko helps other new moms hit the gym.

Look, we know not everyone does it naturally, either. There's no shame in going under the knife or getting other kinds of procedures like Rob Kardashian accused Blac Chyna of doing after she had their daughter Dream. (And, for the record, there's no shame in doing nothing either and just living life without sweating it to get back to how your figure looked before it made a whole new human being. Like, you made a person. It's OK to chill. It's also OK to chill even if you haven't made a person, which is how I'm currently living my life.) But the fact that these celebs' bodies are even capable of changing so much and then snapping right back is legit crazy. They're looking good — and they've got some adorable little kids now, too. In the meantime, we'll just be over here, daydreaming about having it all. In the gallery below, check out some of the hottest celebrity moms in Hollywood.