Things might be heating up again for Ariana Grande and her dating life. Amid reports the 26-year-old singer has taken things past friendship with her “Boyfriend” collab artist pal Mikey Foster of Social House, fans have done a bit of speculating about how much truth there is to the relationship. Allow us to show you some evidence.

First off, the music video itself — which stars Ari and her rumored man — feels a lot like a declaration of … something romantic, even if it isn’t love yet.

Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster
Republic Records

While the lyrics of the song narrate a world where both parties are coming to terms with wanting exclusivity, Ari uses her archery skills and fembot-esque boob lasers to keep ladies away from the other singer. Don’t worry, Mikey does his fair share of protecting his rumored lady, too. At one point, he even rips a dude’s heart out for hitting on Ariana in the vid.

When it comes to real life, Ari has been showering her songmate with affection on social media quite a bit lately. She commented about how obsessed one of her dogs is with the singer when he posted a pic of them together on June 10, and even said she loved him in a comment on a throwback photo he posted for her birthday on June 26. Naturally, the friendship (at minimum) runs deep.

Ariana Grande Comment

According to reports, the possible couple have been friends and worked together for some time, most recently on the beltress’ Sweetener world tour. Though they have been feeling each other out in recent time and slowly making moves in the relationship, nothing is ~official~ quite yet.

That doesn’t mean fans haven’t seen — and latched onto — the chemistry the two artists have shown with one another. “I ship it! Her And Mikey would be hot!” one fan commented on the YouTube page for the music video. “He’s so attractive, they look good with each other,” another wrote.

Ariana Grande Comment

But possibly our favorite comment sums up Ari’s dating life in a nutshell. Director: How complicated do you want this relationship to be?” the user wrote. “Ariana: Yuh.”

Sounds about right!

Reps for Ariana did not immediately respond to Life & Style‘s request for comment.