Is Buddy Bell in rehab? My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans are extremely worried about Whitney Thore's best friend Buddy because he's been missing from the current season of the TLC series. During last week's episode, Whitney realized that she had not seen Buddy in at least three days and when she went to check on him, his room was clean as if he moved out — and it turns out, fans weren't that far from the truth when they speculated that Buddy had a drug problem.

Whitney confirmed that Buddy is struggling with a drug issue in a clip from tonight's episode, where she had a very devastating conversation with one of Buddy's close friends. “I don’t know enough about drugs I guess, but…” she said, trailing off. “I don’t understand any of this, I’ve never known anything about this kind of thing and I feel helpless because I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what to think.”

Last week, rumors about Buddy's drug abuse issues and a possible rehab stint started swirling on social media. "So, question, is Buddy in rehab, and that's why we're not allowed to see him?" one fan tweeted, and another fan wrote, "Ok what’s going on with Buddy? I think he’s been abusing drugs. I really [and] truly hope not though."

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While it looks like fans are dying to find out if Buddy is doing okay, the good news is he seems to be alive and somewhat well. He's been posting regularly and semi-frequently on his Instagram page, and his most recent post was shared last Wednesday. On Jan. 16, he even took part in the viral Google Arts & Culture App that matched a user's face with a famous portrait, which requires the user to take a photo in the app.

What makes things even more confusing about his storyline is the fact that he shared not one, but two photos that suggest that he is filming or was filming for the show even though he hasn't made an appearance yet this season. On Jan. 12, Buddy posted a blurry panoramic photo of MBFFL co-star Tal Fish sitting on what looked to be the set where TLC films their tell-all specials at the end of each season. Then on Jan. 16, Buddy posted a photo of two members of a camera crew, following him through a parking lot. We'll just have to wait until this week's episode to find out what's going on with Buddy!

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