As the premiere for the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life quickly approaches, there’s one big question on every fan’s mind: Is Whitney Thore dating her longtime best friend and roommate Buddy Bell? Of course, Whit will probably keep their relationship status a secret until the show reveals where they stand, but here’s everything we currently know about the duo.

They Go Way Back

Buddy has been Whitney’s best friend and roommate for a long time, so fans never expected their relationship, which has seemingly always been platonic, to suddenly turn romantic. But that’s what seems to be happening in the sixth season of the hit TLC show! Whitney’s friend admits she used to “have a huge crush on Buddy, that is undeniable,” and while Whitney herself said that nothing would “ever, EVER” happen between them, her tune definitely seems to change as the season trailer goes on.

They Definitely Kissed

Whitney awkwardly tells Buddy “I was gonna ask you if I could kiss you, actually” before leaning in for a smooch in the teaser. When they both come up for air, they’re grinning from ear-to-ear, so maybe there is more to this friendship! However, not everything is as it seems… especially because Buddy also talks about wanting to marry someone else. So we’ll just have to find out what the physical display of affection really means when the season starts.

They Lived Together

Buddy lived with Whitney from 2015 until he went to rehab in 2017. In a March episode of the show, he finally told Whit that he planned to spend the next year in a halfway house following treatment, so she should rent out his room to someone new. But in the trailer, it’s obvious they’re still incredibly close. Buddy can even be seen giving Whitney a head massage in bed and walking in on her in the bathroom, so it’s possible that he’s back living with her again after all.

They Support Each Other

Whitney was a huge support of Buddy’s when he ended up in rehab for cocaine addiction in 2017. However, they’ve also been a huge support to each other throughout their different relationships. Whitney still stood behind Buddy when he dumped her pal Heather, and in the new season he has a new lady friend named Chelsea who he says he would have married “yesterday.” Buddy was also around while Whitney dealt with the aftermath of being cheated on by her last boyfriend, Avi Lang. If Whitney wants a man who knows all of her curves and edges, has her back no matter what, and definitely isn’t just after her fame, Buddy seems like a perfect choice, TBH.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns to TLC on Tuesday, Jan. 1, at 8 p.m..