From New York City’s Rachel Green to Texas’ Rosie Dickson, Jennifer Aniston has channeled all types of characters over the years. Now in her latest project, she plays a beauty pageant mom and it’s different from anything we’ve seen her do before… especially because she has a thick accent!

Dumplin’, streaming on Netflix next month, revolves around a plus-size teenage girl who wants to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a beauty queen. The teenager, Willowdean, also known as Will/Dumplin’, causes an uproar in their small town home in Texas when she signs up to compete in a pageant contest held by her mom. The film features lavish dresses, drag queens, and music by Dolly Parton. The overall plot sounds interesting, however, the thing to really steal the show is Jennifer’s new drawl.

Don’t get us wrong, we love any movie that challenges beauty standards, but Jen’s portrayal of Rosie caught us by surprise. Her role is fun, quirky, smooth, and fresh all at once. This is kind of what would happen if Rachel from Friends moved to Texas once the show ended because both characters have similarities when it comes to their love for fashion and their looks. The film’s plot also gives off Here Comes Honey Boo Boo vibes because it tests society’s expectations. And you can’t tell us Danielle Macdonald doesn’t look like the spitting image of a grown-up Alana Thompson.

In recent years, we’ve seen the actress take on the roles of a mom or of a single woman seeking love, and for the most part it was never anything as drastic as this. Perhaps because for the most part, those plots were never set in the south like this one which meant Jennifer sounded the same in her roles. The Hollywood star proves just how versatile her acting can be with this performance.

If you’re interested in seeing Jennifer play a fun, former beauty pageant queen, check out the trailer above and watch the film streaming on Netflix on Dec. 7.