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There are three women left who are ready to start a life with Peter, and only a couple of weeks left of hearing him talk about pilot stuff. Here we go, the episode is kicking off with Madison Prewett pulling Peter aside and addressing the fantasy suite expectations with him. She can’t move forward knowing that he’s windmilling other women. She is starting the relationship with an ultimatum because technically their relationship is just now budding. Pete’s scar is actually really bad and makes this opening scene considerably more dramatic.

Bachelor Contestant Madison Prewett Talks With Peter Weber Ahead of Fantasy Suite Dates

Pete thinks his position is tough, which better not be a sexual position or Madi will find out. They’re on different levels, he says. That’s one way to say it. The other girls are still clueless as to what Madi is doing, and I can’t wait to see Victoria Fuller‘s face. Her ears may bleed. My favorite contestant left is Hannah Ann Sluss.

We are in Australia, and it’s a very “telling” week. Is Peter going to have to ask Madi for forgiveness?  All three women are staying under the same roof LOL. I’m so into this. Victoria F. thinks it’s awkward … it’s just silence. Hannah Ann is chosen first, and Madi will be thinking of those two for the rest of her days — until it’s her turn, at least.

Hannah Ann’s Fantasy Suite Date

Pete’s Australian accent is weak, like his sense of humor. Hannah Ann gets to jet ski and hopes it’s a long day and long night, oh boy. She’s fun. She’s definitely my fave. Honestly, Peter doesn’t look too confident. Take it date by date, buddy. Don’t let Madi own your mental. Hannah Ann is sweet. I’m nervous about how all this ends, actually. Back at the living quarters, Madi and Victoria F. are talking, just checking in with each other. Madi still hasn’t told anyone else about her expectations.

Bachelor Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss Jetski During Fantasy Suite Dates

Hannah Ann and Peter meet back up, and we can feel all the anticipation. They can both see a lifetime together. There’s life in Hannah Ann, but can Peter keep up? He gives her the date card, inviting her into the fantasy suite. She accepted the invitation and is claiming that she’s so in love. I truly hope so! We all want this journey to end with love. Australia is a great location for this week, too, I must add. There’s lots of footage of Hannah Ann and Pete making out, get outta there, producers!

Madi is crashing and Hannah Ann just walked in, and there’s nothing but silence. Most awkward moment ever. Up ahead it looks like trouble for Victoria F. and Pete, but that’s just them at this point.  Madi definitely comes in like a wrecking ball at the end of this episode. Does Madi get a fantasy suite? Will she stay with Peter for the extra time? Do they break up before it gets to that? I guess we will find out.

Victoria’s Fantasy Suite Date

Victoria F. and Pete are still choosing each other, Pete says. LOL, oh, man. Pete looks very excited for this date. There’s a helicopter, and they’re going up. Juan Pablo Galavis would approve. The passion is there between these two, but is there a connection? Is this really gonna work? Communication is instrumental. It’s got to be a priority.

Bachelor Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller Ride in a Helicopter

There’s been so much said about Victoria F. in the real world, but who knows. It wouldn’t be giving up at this point. It would just be a “Hey, this is toxic” kind of thing. Victoria says that Pete checks all the boxes … then stop being sassy. Jeeze.

Are there smoother seas ahead? Not a chance! Remember, it’s only more stressful from this week on. It’s a pressure cooker. Back at the house, Madi is talking to Hannah Ann about what she told Pete. Hannah is understanding, but she says it’s madness because they all knew what they signed up for. I agree with Hannah Ann.

Bachelor Contestant Hannah Ann Talks With Madison Prewett During Fantasy Suites

Victoria F. and Pete are back together for the dinner portion, and there’s some silence. Now we are diving deep about communication. This is going to get ugly, officially. Victoria F. is talking in circles, and now she’s asking Peter to spell out what he needs from her. He’s asking to be able to count on her, but he also thinks it might offend her. She needs to tell him if he says something the wrong way.

Victoria is crying, and they really can’t find a way to communicate. They swing back and forth, walls are up, then down, and they both are too prideful. This dinner portion has been tough to watch. The date card is in her hands and she’s headed to the fantasy suite. Of course, Madi is last LOL. What a mess. Are Victoria’s odds better now? Peter is going to have to beg Madi for forgiveness. This has to be torturing Madi. But, on the other hand, she knew that this would happen — she got on the flight to Australia. Now, Pete’s in love with three women.

Bachelor Contestant Victoria Fuller Overnight Dates

Victoria and Pete wake up cuddled up and are seemingly happy and close. Victoria says she’s in love with Pete, and now I actually feel that this season is doomed. Victoria just returned to the living quarters, and they’re all talking. Madi is just creepy at this point.

Now, I’m sitting here with my girlfriend as she tells me that she doesn’t think I’d pick her if I was the Bachelor when I 100 percent know that I would pick her. Oh boy, she’s silly. Back to the show now.

Madison’s Fantasy Suite Date

Peter and Madi are on their date. They need to talk, and she needs to stop being immature. Address what you need to address, and get the answers to questions you have. If you can’t live with the truth, then go home. I just don’t see the connection here, and we are only two minutes in. She talks about everything that they have to figure out, but guess what? It’s not an “us” or “we” or “they” thing — it’s a Madi thing. So, you got to figure it out, Madi. Don’t put Pete on trial for what you signed up for. These two did take some cool photos, though. She says all these words about how they’re great together, but we know it’s not the truth. She has great spray tan hands.

Victoria and Hannah Ann are discussing Madi’s expectations. I don’t think that they respect where Madi is coming from, and I get that. They’re foreshadowing issues to come.

Madi talks about confidence and clarity, but then contradicts herself with talking about unknowns. She’s the most contradicting contestant ever. She’s campaigning for Bachelorette. My vote is for Tia Booth — Can I get an amen?

Bachelor Contestant Madison Prewett Cuddles Peter Weber

Madi just pulled the Luke Parker, but she was definitely sweeter about it. Madi has made Peter uncomfortable, though, and he is not going to save himself for marriage. Now, they’re spiraling. Madi is just talking to herself now. This is so odd. She says she’s still fighting, but she’s not, it’s over. She’s not fighting for this, she’s just trying to make the Bachelor feel shame and guilt. Can we also talk about this new Bachelor musical show? Let’s not, actually.

So now we have Madi in a corner crying while Pete sits in silence and sin. Pete tells Madi that he’s sorry, but I’m genuinely laughing right now. It’s all just fake tears and it’s making for an un-incredible date. No one is making you feel bad for saving yourself, Madi. Pete, you’re giving false hope — send her home! It’s only going to become more problematic. There’s a grudge now. She can’t trust you, Pete. I’m so frustrated. I need a producer headset and some baby wipes because this is sh–. See y’all next week with the three ladies still there.

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