Well, this is awkward.

Josh Peck took to Instagram on Sunday, June 18, to share photos from his Malibu wedding to longtime love Paige O’Brien. But after he failed to invite his former Drake & Josh costar, Drake Bell, to his nuptials, angry social media users have ruined his sentimental posts with the hashtag #JusticeforDrake.

As previously reported, Drake, 30, revealed via Twitter that he was not asked to attend Josh’s star-studded ceremony, which included celebrity guests such as John Stamos and Vine star Jason Nash.

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"When you're not invited to the wedding the message is clear. True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear,” he wrote on Sunday in since-deleted tweets. “Ties are officially cut. I’ll miss you brotha.”

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Fat Shady #tbt

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Apparently, fans have sided with Drake and feel as though he should have been there on Josh’s special day. “Without Drake, you are nobody! #JusticeforDrake,” one follower fumed, while another wrote, “Drake deserves better! #DrakesLifeMatters #JusticeforDrake.”

One fan even suggested that they are emotionally scarred by the Drake and Josh drama. “My childhood is RUINED!! Where is your brother??!” they wrote. “#JusticeforDrake.”

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The former teen stars rose to fame as Drake Parker and Josh Nichols on the popular Nickelodeon sitcom, which ran from 2004 until 2007. Despite their once-close friendship, Josh, 30, revealed in a recent interview that his interaction with Drake is not as frequent as fans might think.

"When people see Drake and I together and it rarely happens, they're like, 'What, what are you doing here?’" Josh explained on the Allegedly with Theo Vonn and Matthew Cole Weiss podcast. “I have no good answer for when people ask — and I get [it] all the time — it's 'Where's Drake?’ I go, 'I wish I had a better answer but probably at home. Whole Foods?’"

Their partnership will be sorely missed by those of us who grew up in the early '00s.