UGH, a ‘Jumanji’ Remake is Happening and No One’s Happy About it Because DUH (Plus See the Original Cast Then and Now!)

Let's take a time warp back to 1995 because a lot of cool stuff went down 20 years ago: Alanis Morissette released the genius that is Jagged Little Pill, the one and only Jonathan Taylor Thomas (aka JTT — suh-woon) starred in a lot movies, and the epic film Jumanji was released.

But guess what's happening in 2016 that isn't so cool to, well, many people? Sony just announced plans to remake that epic film. That's right — a Jumanji remake. Set to hit theaters Christmas 2016. ?

And let's just say the Twittersphere is angrier than Van Pelt was while on the hunt for Alan Parrish:

It's going to be pretty freakin' impossible to replace Robin Williams. Just sayin'. For those of you who aren't on board with this news, we're here to make you happy!

Scroll through the gallery above to see the original cast then and now!