Justin Theroux is used to making headlines because of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. But in 2013, his impressive…ahem…bulge elevated his hunk status even further!

For fans in need of a refresher, the frenzy started after the 45-year-old was photographed running ~unsupported~ on the set of his TV show The Leftovers. The comments that followed gave the actor an idea of how women are made to feel in Hollywood.

justin theroux splash

“I don’t want to say objectified, but it was embarrassing,” he told Elle in a recent interview. “It’s like having someone yank your shorts down in public. It doesn’t feel great.”

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The Washington D.C. native added, “It has the appearance of a compliment, but it’s more mortifying than anything else.”

Justin also touched on how his life has changed since meeting Friends alum Jennifer, who he married in August 2015. “[I] would love to walk around New York with my wife. Take her to Washington Square Park,” he admitted. But, “It would turn into a s–t show. It would be not fun.”