Katy Perry may have a song about living a “teenage dream,” but back when she was 11-years -old, she actually was living a “teenage dream.” And now her ex-boyfriend at the time is dishing his side of the story.

“She was my first girlfriend,” Christopher Villar exclusively tells Life & Style about dating Katy after meeting her at a kids camp in Tulsa, Okla., when she was 10.

The story began after Christopher’s mom gave Katy his mailing address. And that sparked the first of many love letters.

“I was madly in love. The letters came every week, and I sent them every week,” Christopher recalls. “Our young romance stayed alive through our letters. Each one was a treasure inscribed and alive in my heart.”

katy perry love letters 2

(Credit: Julien’s Auctions)

Fast forward to the present day, Christopher has finally found the letters in a box, but out of the hundreds that were shared, he only discovered a couple. These are now set to be auctioned off on Julien’s Auctions next month — for more than $800!

“I felt they should be shared. They show how genuine she truly is and she is the same today as she was back then,” Christopher tells Life & Style. “Out of all the letters these were the very first two. It’s nothing malicious; I would never in a million years want to hurt her.”

And we don’t blame him! His very first kiss was with the now 29-year-old singer.

katy perry love letter

Katy Perry’s love letter to Christopher: “P.S. I like you a lot! Write back a.s.a.p.” (Credit: Julien’s Auctions)

“She gave me a kiss under the water while we were swimming,” Christopher says. “It was two little fishes kissing under the water. It was a mutual magical moment.”

Even though Katy and Christopher dated until they were about 15-years-old, their contact now is much more distant. In fact, the last time the Los Angeles native saw her was when she invited him to a show in Santa Barbara back in 2009.

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“We got to spend time together. We laughed, we danced, we held hands, we walked down the street holding hands,” Christopher tells Life & Style about his last memory with Katy. “I was excited…She is a really fun amazing person. Katy will always have a place in my heart.”

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