They’ve dotted their “i”s and crossed their “t”s and it looks like things are officially over for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett. The news of the couple’s divorce first broke back in April, but months later, the paperwork is finally done. It’s been a long road — and full of heartbreak for Kendra in particular — but it seems that the mother of two is finally ready to start moving forward. Or, at least, she’s accepted that she has to whether she’s ready or not.

The reality star took to Twitter to share the news with her fans. “Signed my last divorce paper Friday. Brutal,” she wrote on the social media site with a crying emoji. “I gave it all I got. Truly did. I’m beyond proud of myself!! Fought to save til the last second. Oh well. Life goes on. Bye lol.”

Though it’s clear the one-time Playboy model isn’t thrilled with how her relationship turned out, that fact that she’s accepted that “life goes on” and signed off with “bye lol” gives us hope that she’s doing better than she was a few months ago. Back in June, Kendra was struggling so much that she posted a video of herself crying on her Instagram story. She was clearly mourning the ten years she and her ex spent together, and she also made sure to let fans know that she had done everything she could. “I will always love him,” she shared through tears. “And my heart will always remain open for him… I believed in forever. I really did.”

The message broke fans’ hearts, so we’re glad to see that she’s coping a lot better now. In fact, she even seems interesting in getting back in the dating game, tweeting that her “ho side is about to come out and play so hard” and that she has a crush on Elon Musk if anybody wants to hook them up. Sadly for Kendra, it seems that Elon and his girlfriend, Grimes, are still together — but we bet she’s not sweating it too much. After all, she’s also joking about heading to Vegas and getting wild in the champagne room at a strip club. Until then, though, she’s dealing in the way we all know works best — by becoming obsessed with a new favorite TV show.

“Been binge watching American Horror Story. Just started Season 2,” she tweeted just hours after announcing her divorce paperwork was finally all signed. Hey, we’re all about doing whatever makes you feel better after such a sucky weekend — and, considering Halloween is right around the corner, we think it’s probably about time we revisited a little American Horror Story ourselves.