After a bafflingly dull run of this year's The Bachelor, star Arie Luyendyk Jr. was revealed to be the true villain of the series. (ICYMI, he proposed to Becca Kufrin and then was like, "Nah, JK" and got down on one knee in front of Lauren Burnham). Luckily, these two are a match made in heaven because they're both total snoozefests. While Arie enjoys wine, going to bed early, and saying, "I love that," Lauren enjoys taking several walks a day with her dogs and chiming in with a "wow" every now and then.

Earlier this week, the couple was vacationing in Iceland, and Arie decided to poke fun at her catchphrase while boarding a WOW flight. Clever. Watch the video above to see the clip — and to hear Lauren's reaction!

Now that Arie has made up his mind for good — we hope! — he and Lauren are moving on to planning their wedding. "Arie was talking about [doing it in] August," Lauren's mom, Pamela, told Life & Style exclusively. "I'm hoping it will be in the summer."

They didn't show it on TV during the finale, but Arie, 36, met with Pamela and Lauren's dad, Dave, when he came to win back Lauren, 26, after ending things with his first fiancée, Becca. The Burnhams gave him their blessing, and they didn't need any arm-twisting about agreeing to a TV wedding paid for by ABC. "[My husband] is probably going to jump up and down at that thought!" Pamela joked to Life & Style.

Once the wedding is over, Pamela thinks the couple will quickly get to work on starting a family. "I know that’s what Arie wants," she says, "and they both seem to be on the same page." We love that.

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