There’s some mother-daughter tension. Now that Mama June‘s teenage daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon is pregnant with her first child, she is definitely feeling grown — grown enough to disrespect her mama! Lauryn and June got into a pretty heated fight and Lauryn moved out on this week’s episode Mama June: From Not to Hot, and Lauryn took to Instagram to explain herself after fans felt that she came off as “ungrateful.”

“I’m making this post because you all seem to call me ungrateful and other things that shouldn’t be said because of the show on Friday,” she wrote. “You guys have to understand that me and my mom are on good terms and the reason we argued is because of stress and everything. Living under the same roof with my mom can sometimes be stressful. So before you start telling me how I am, just think about that.”

Their fight started after Lauryn moved her boyfriend and baby daddy Josh Efird into her mother’s house without asking her, and then on top of that, they decided to play a prank on June by hanging up nude pictures of girls all over June’s living room. June didn’t think the prank was very funny and she overreacted, which led to a huge blowout fight between her and Laryn — and ended with Lauryn packing her stuff up in garbage bags and leaving with Josh.

Many fans felt that Lauryn was being ungrateful by disrespecting June, even after everything that her mom has done for her — especially now that she’s pregnant. But Lauryn wanted to clear up any misconceptions that people had of her.

“I shouldn’t even have to post this on my page but some of you feel the need to comment things on my page when you don’t even know the whole story,” she wrote. “I’m very far from ungrateful if anything I bend over backwards for my mom and appreciate everything thing big or small that she does for not only me but my fiancé and daughter.”