The royal palace isn’t a fun place to be at the moment. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are butting heads, and Kate feels “powerless” as the spotlight continues to shine on Prince Harry‘s new wife. Ever since Meghan was officially welcomed into the royal family on her wedding day, things between her and Kate went sour. The former Suits actress has completely iced Kate out — just like the rest of Kate’s old besties.

“Kate no longer has many friends,” a source told In Touch. “She really relied on Meghan as a pal and feels utterly betrayed and dropped by her BFF.” Clearly, Meghan had other plans besides getting chummy with Kate, like trying to get as close as she can to Queen Elizabeth — and it’s working! “The queen adores Meghan,” the source revealed. “They chat about all kinds of things.”

kate meg

Between showing her face at several royal events just days after the nuptials to forming a budding relationship with the Queen, Meghan sure is handling this attention well. She’s not going to stop anytime soon, and it’s really bugging Kate who feels like she’s being forgotten. “[Kate] can’t throw herself into the spotlight [while] she’s on maternity leave [with Prince Louis, two months],” the source explained. “She’s always been a competitive person, but now she feels powerless.”

Kate feels like Meghan is “stealing her thunder” as she spent years trying to perfect her image as a royal. “Kate feels like Meghan is trying to outdo her,” the source explained. “Her feelings are hurt.” Kate believes that Meghan is actually going out of her way to engage and interact in royal life just to spite her.

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The worst part? Meghan looks flawless AF doing it all. The only thing Kate can do now is sit back and watch. “Meghan’s skin is glowing; she’s looking more glamorous by the day,” the source told In Touch. “Kate feels worn out and frumpy.”

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