Newly minted Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is probably relieved she didn't invite nephew Tyler Dooley — son of her estranged half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. — to the royal wedding. According to reports, Tyler was caught with a knife in London just hours after Meghan said "I do" to Prince Harry.

Apparently, Tyler had traveled across the pond with the intention of appearing on TV — presumably to talk about his relation to the United Kingdom's newest royal. And on the wedding night, he went to the Bacchus nightclub in the area of Kingston with his mother, Tracy, and his older brother, TJ. According to The Sun, the 25-year-old realized the bouncers at the door would discover the four-inch blade he was carrying, so he fessed up about it. And he reportedly said he was just heeding the advice of President Donald Trump. "I just brought it because Donald Trump said London was like a war zone," a fellow patron heard Tyler say, per The Sun. "I had it for protection."

"They were all obviously a bit tipsy from celebrating the wedding, but not in bad spirits," a source said of the Dooleys. "As Tyler came up to the bouncer, he said, 'I have a knife on me.' He pulled it out and handed it to the staff. All he was going on about was how he'd brought it from America because Donald Trump had said London wasn't safe. [The staff] acted very calmly and dialed 999, and that's when some local guys told him he'd get arrested. At that point, he ran off."

"The suspect had left the scene prior to police being called," a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Service said. "Officers attended the club at around 1:55 [a.m.] and recovered the knife. There has been no arrest."

But the incident has ruffled feathers in London, including those of former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Mike Neville, who told The Sun, "Dooley has clearly committed criminal offenses. Knife crime is a major issue in London, and no one should evade justice no matter who they are."

A member of the Bacchus security team agreed, saying, "If it had been anyone else they would've been arrested. There cannot be one law for Meghan Markle's nephew and another for everybody else. Why should he get such soft treatment?"

Tyler, a cannabis farmer from Oregon, was all smiles and no comment afterward, when paparazzi found him at the airport. We'll be sure to let you know if criminal charges ever do come down!