The most dramatic person in the Real Housewives cast isn’t even a housewife! Brielle Biermann has been at the center of several feuds lately, and the latest one took an ugly turn on Oct. 5 when NeNe Leakes called the 20-year-old “racist trash” after Kim Zolciak’s daughter shared videos of cockroaches in the reality star’s new home. Watch the video below to see the shocking footage and NeNe’s furious response.

Obviously, after NeNe attacked Brielle’s character, body, and plumped-up lips, momma Kim felt the need to step in. She took to Instagram with a message of her own, saying that NeNe was taking things too far. “It’s so sad and offensive that someone can stoop so low as to call someone a racist just because they are mad,” she wrote. “In a day and age where racism is very much alive and people are actually dying because of real racists, it’s heartbreaking that NeNe would cry wolf like this only because she’s upset.”

Kim also pointed out that nobody would have seen the cockroach video if NeNe hadn’t posted it herself. In a text message Kim posted with Brielle, she tells her daughter not to share the videos with anyone, and Brielle promises she won’t. Kim even said, “I feel bad” about the video, and that Brielle only shared the first one on Snapchat before deleting it, and that the second one was privately shared with her mom. She never meant to make NeNe’s new house look dirty.

But NeNe wasn’t ready to back down. She claimed Brielle came to her home uninvited, and said, “I still continue to be kind to her but this calculated video that was shot in my home during a time when we had no problems shows how low she will go.” Just hours later, Kim and her husband Kroy Biermann appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, and she told the host that they both “love NeNe,” though it’s unclear if she was being sarcastic or genuinely trying to smooth things over.

RHOA‘s Porsha Williams seemingly took sides in the Brielle-inspired feud as she promoted the Season 6 premiere of Kim’s spinoff, Don’t Be Tardy, via Instagram on Friday, Oct. 6. “DON’T BE TARDY Season Premiere TONIGHT 8/7c you don’t want to miss it!” she captioned the since-deleted post. “Back to Back episodes!!”

This is far from Brielle’s first negative interaction with a housewife. At NeNe’s white party, she apparently got into a nasty fight with Kenya Moore, and took to Twitter in July to call her a “dumb ugly evil bitch,” according to E!. Maybe it’s time for Kim to stop defending and start disciplining.