There’s Rachel Green and Ross Geller; Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley; Ted Mosby and Robin Scherbatsky; but there’s one well-known television couple that clearly takes the cake when it comes to #relationshipgoals — New Girl‘s Nick Miller and Jessica Day, obv. The wildly weird couple started out as polar opposites, but it didn’t take long for them to realize just how much they actually had in common. And even though they’re roommates — uh, risky! — their chemistry is undeniable. TBT to that fish tank incident…

So while yes, these two may have broken up and made up (Who hasn’t??), Nessica has proven time and time again that no matter the obstacle, love wins out. Every. Single. Time. Keep scrolling below for all the ways Nick and Jess have beaten the odds and redefined relationship goals!

When Nick made his feelings v. clear from the beginning

nick and jess

When Jess showed Nick her dance moves and he wasn’t scared off

nick and jess 3

When Nick wasn’t afraid to be brutally honest

nick and jess 2

When their flirting was all sorts of cringe-worthy but cute at the same time

nick and jess 4

When Nick understood what he was getting himself into but didn’t care

nick and jess 5

When Jess felt comfortable enough to openly talk about their sex life

nick and jess 6

When Jess also felt comfortable enough to openly talk about their sex life with others

nick and jess 7

And finally, when they made out in the elevator and we all wept tears of freaking joy

nick and jess 8

New Girl returns Tuesday, April 10 on FOX.