She likes it like that! Just hours after Cardi B made her big return to the stage for the first time since giving birth to her daughter Kulture Kiari, she’s getting a ton of backlash. The rapper took the stage with her husband Offset‘s hip-hop group Migos during the Saturday, Aug. 25 concert stop at Madison Square Garden in NYC, and the couple got into some raunchy antics backstage after the show — and fans even think that Offset was “fingering” Cardi in a NSFW video clip posted on her Instagram story. Watch the video above to see the clip of her with Offset and her clap back.

“When the [six] weeks up,” Cardi captioned the video of her with her husband. In the clip, Offset was kissing on his wife as she smiled and she panned the camera down so that fans could see her legs, with Offset’s hand in between her thighs. Offset moved his hand and grabbed Cardi’s face and planted a big kiss on her lips.

Even though the clip was raunchy enough, Cardi’s caption also alluded to the fact that she and Offset are officially able to have sex again, because women are advised to wait six weeks after childbirth to have intercourse again.

Cardi’s haters slammed her for posting such a sexually explicit clip on her Instagram story. “Very disgusting behavior,” one Twitter user wrote, and then explained, “The fact that she POSTED IT ONLINE [sic]. What a great example to her young fans.”



But Cardi is never one to stay quiet, and she clapped back on Twitter. “I DO W.E [sic] THE F–K I WANT. I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE AN ANGEL!” she tweeted. “I rap about this s–t sooo why the f–k are you surprise [sic]? Amd [sic] if you a ‘Young fan’ you shouldn’t be on my page period!”

Even though it did look like Cardi and Offset were engaged in some foreplay n the clip, Cardi clarified that it really wasn’t as sexual as it looked. “I wasn’t getting fingered. I had LETHER [sic]  SHORTS ON,” she tweeted. “But I wish I was. I was very very horny.”