Dancing, designing, acting (well, "acting" ) — Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have done it all, and they've done it with a song on their video and a smile nowhere to be seen. Yes, no matter how rich they get, MK & A are famed for looking utterly miserable at all times. Part of it is because the Olsen twins have spent the last five or so years honing their famed prune expression, boasting pursed lips that only have a tinge of a grin on a good day. So they have Mona Lisa smiles on a good day, you know? And Mary-Kate and Ashley are so famed for mono-expression that they won't even bother grinning on special occasions. Like, don't invite them to be in your bridal party unless you want to taint your photos with a whole lot of scowling and haute-couture floral print ponchos.

However, once in a while, they slip up and genuinely showcase something resembling true human feelings, like elation or – oh! – even shock! We know that seems difficult to believe, especially if you look back on their entire acting career. Hold on tight, though, because we have the proof. Click through our gallery to see the Olsen twins deigning to show some real emotion — and in public!