Someone call the royal cobbler! A new photo of Prince Harry is making headlines today and not because of his regal good looks. In a snapshot of Harry attending his childhood friend Charlie Van Straubenzee’s wedding on Saturday, Aug. 4, the 33-year-old prince was spotted with a giant hole in the bottom of his left shoe. Seriously! 

Though Harry’s fashion faux pas was totally minor, it’s just something royal fans never expected to see on a literal prince. “If #PrinceHarry has a hole in his shoe, then what’s left for us peasants?!” one person wrote on Twitter with another similarly adding, “Feeling slightly better about my life after seeing Prince Harry with a hole in his brogues today!”

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While we initially wondered if the hole simply appeared in Harry’s shoe that day, an expert writer over at Cosmopolitan pointed out that the Duke of Sussex actually wore the same pair of dress shoes at a royal event back in April. So, it seems that these shoes are probably just Harry’s favorite pair of well-worn, comfy footwear. 

Interestingly, Harry wasn’t the only royal to suffer an awkward fashion faux pas at the Van Straubenzee nuptials. At one point during the special event, Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, was photographed with a piece of her bra showing through the top of her dress. 

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During an interview with People, royal etiquette expert Myka Meier explained that wardrobe malfunctions don’t actually break royal protocol because they’re simply unfortunate mistakes. “Meghan did not break royal protocol when her bra showed, as accidents or wardrobe malfunctions are not considered going against dress code rules,” Meier said. 

“Her bra showing was not believed to be deliberate, in which case she would have not been seen to be disrespectful by the palace,” she continued. “A blatant disregard of a rule which was set in order to show respect would when you would consider a break in royal protocol, which the Duchess of Sussex did not do.”

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