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18 Hot AF Pics of Prince Harry That Will Make You Wish You’re Meghan Markle

Does anybody else spend their days scrolling through pictures of Prince Harry — looking at him in his uniform, or with his brother, or playing with little kids, and just totally swoon? Let’s face it: balding or not, Prince Harry is hot. When he and Meghan Markle shared their engagement photo shoot, we poured over every single picture, imagining ourselves in her place and trying not to straight up drool on our computer keyboards. And the fact that we’ll never have a chance to end up with him or even attend his actual wedding ourselves doesn’t mean that we’re any less prone to daydreaming about the possibility. (Seriously, we’re going to hold onto the fantasy of marrying into the royal family forever.)

More than just hot, though, the royal also seems legitimately nice. Like, we’d be willing to bet a lot of money that he’s just a genuinely good human being. And if creating the Invictus Games aren’t enough proof, well, we don’t know what else there is. Except maybe all of the pictures of him just being super kind to the people coming out to meet him every day, everywhere he goes. Now that takes patience. See? He’s basically the perfect man.

But since we can’t have the real thing, we’re just going to have to hold on tight to the illusion that looking at pictures is like actually hanging out with him. Sorry, Meghan, but in our minds, we’re the ones engaged to a beautiful ginger prince with whom we will travel the world and be fancy, listen to Ed Sheeran live at our wedding, and okay, yeah, ocassionally also help out the last fortunate and other good stuff like that. What can we say? Harry brings out the best in us. So until we’re forced to face reality when the couple walks down the aisle, we’ll just be here, clicking through these pictures and letting our imagination run wild. Check out some of Prince Harry’s finest pictures in the gallery below. You’re welcome.