When Prince Harry isn’t called by his first name, he’s referred to as the Duke of Sussex, but did you know he’s also known as Rob? When Harry has the chance to relax or go out instead of working or participating in some royal engagement, he’s reportedly been known to give out a fake name!

According to Baroness Jessica Heydel, who is starring on MTV’s new reality show The Royal World, she met Harry a few years ago and was introduced to him as Rob. “I met Prince Harry once on a night out, probably four or five years ago. His friend introduced him as ‘Rob,'” Jessica revealed to the Daily Mail.

At the time, Jessica seemed to be in disbelief because it was clearly Harry. “I sat there and I thought, ‘That is Prince Harry, everyone knows that is Prince Harry,” she said and added she didn’t think of making a move on the Prince. “I had all these things going around my head, so it didn’t turn into a friendship. “My mum told me I could’ve been the Duchess of Sussex — she’s still angry!”

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle’s nephew, Tyler Dooley, is set to join The Royal World cast with Jessica and other aristocrats. Although he’s no royal, Tyler, 26, is expected to star later on in the series and offer a different perspective on his family. The show premieres on MTV this week on Wednesday, Nov. 7 and is “less reality and more of a social experiment,” according to host Archie Manners who spoke to The Sun’s Fabulous Online.

Meghan’s family has publicly spoken about themselves and their relationship with the Duchess a number of times, often saying hurtful things. However, this show is meant to shine a different light on the Markles, in hopes of humanizing them despite their constant fallouts with Meghan. Hopefully they can do that gracefully this time around!