Lesson #1: don’t try to pull a fast one on Rachel Lindsay because she will embarrass you on social media! One woman learned that the hard way when she shared a photo with The Bachelorette‘s recently rejected suitor, Dean Unglert.

In a play on the Colorado native’s controversial opening line, “I’m ready to go black and I’m never gonna go back,” Instagram user lauren_gonz captioned her pic with the 26-year-old, “Went black, but came back.” Dean, whose relationship to the blonde remains unknown, responded, “Lololol at the caption” with a couple of 100 emojis.

But we doubt the mystery Instagrammer expected Rachel herself to reply to the post. The 32-year-old hilariously wrote, “Sent back…he didn’t come back lol.” YAS, GURL! We couldn’t have crafted a more perfect response.

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Fans were left shocked on July 17 when the attorney sent the adorable startup recruiter home after meeting his family. In a blog post for People magazine, the Texan explained her decision. “I cried on the entire flight to Dallas, and I cried all day leading up to it,” she shared. “But when my tears dried I realized that, while I do feel a love for Dean, I’m just not sure he’s in a place in his life where he’s ready to settle down and start a family in the near future.”

She added, “I still think he’s figuring himself and his feelings out. It was a tough goodbye — he was defensive, confused and a bit angry… I prayed that night the he wasn’t leaving this relationship believing I judged him based on meeting his family. I only judged him on if he was ready for the same things I am.”

Despite their difficult goodbye, it looks like Dean has already moved on. It’s been confirmed that the third runner up will appear on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, which premieres on Aug. 14. We don’t doubt that he’ll be popular with the ladies!

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