Well, there you go Bachelorette fans. Season 13 was just spoiled for us thanks to former contestant Astrid Loch. The reality star, who competed with Rachel Lindsay for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor, accidentally let slip which of the brunette beauty’s remaining three men wins her final rose. Watch the video below to hear what she said (WARNING: SPOILERS).

Even though Rachel has been good about keeping her fiancé’s identity a mystery, she told reporters early on that she is happily engaged and has since gushed about her future spouse. “[It’s been] very liberating to be able to say, ‘Hey, I’m engaged and just watch and follow along,'” she told E! News. “We do get to see each other here and there along the way, but it is hard because I am excited and I want everyone to know and enjoy and relish in our happiness.”

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She also revealed how she prepared her fiancé for the fantasy suite episode. “From the beginning, I’ve always said that I’ve had an open, honest relationship with my fiancé, because I think that’s important. Like, I’m not waiting to see what’s shown and then explain things. No!” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I was honest from the beginning about what happened in fantasy, what didn’t happen in fantasy. And I’m not worried about the episode airing because my truth is my truth. And that’s what will come out.”

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