Did he or didn’t he? Fans of The Bachelorette are convinced one star has had plastic surgery — and it’s not Rachel Lindsay.

During the hometown dates episode of the reality dating competition, viewers took over social media to accuse Miami native Bryan Abasolo of having cheeks implants. After getting the first impression rose early on, Bryan has been a front runner for Rachel’s final rose thanks to his megawatt smile and charm (not to mention his very aggressive kisses).

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However, is his appearance all natural or has the 37-year-old chiropractor gone under the knife? “Bryan feels as fake as those cheek implants,” one commenter wrote on Twitter, before another added, “Bryan is smiling so big his cheek implants are gonna displace themselves.” There is also a whole Reddit thread dedicated to the topic of Bryan’s seemingly artificial cheekbones. “Does Bryan have filler or implants in his cheeks?!,” the user asked before hilariously comparing him to Brandi Glanville.

Looking at throwback photos on his Instagram page, it’s not hard to notice that Bryan has always had defined bone structure. And Rachel does not seem to mind at all. Last week, Rachel surprised the Colombian hottie with matching Breitling watches —that he continues to flaunt on social media.

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As for his overly attached mom, Rachel handled her threat like a pro on tonight’s episode. “If he’s happy, I’m happy. If not, I’ll kill you,” he mom Olga told Rachel, who laughed it off before stepping outside with Bryan, where he confessed he was falling in love.

We still think he’s too good to be true — fake cheek implants or not. “He is such a catch,” Rachel said earlier in the season. “He is such an amazing person — and that’s the part that scares me. I don’t understand why he’s still single. This is why I think Bryan is too good to be true.”

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