No matter how many times you’ve sang along to “Brother For Sale” (it is a banger) you probably never thought about Trent Olsen, the inspiration and real-life sibling of Mary-Kate and Ashley. That’s partially because even if you do remember the twins extraneous siblings, your go-to move is to think of little sis Elizabeth Olsen. Or, you remember off-hand that MK and Ash’s fashion line Elizabeth & James alludes to James being their brother…which he is. His full name is James Trent Olsen, but he’s been going by his middle name as early as his earliest acting credit. Oh, also he’s his sisters’ doppelgänger.

trent olsen mary-kate and ashley
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Um, this may as well be Mary-Kate and Ashley after a bad haircut. And if you went around telling us Trent is actually the girls’ triplet, we just might believe you, no matter how creepy our Useless Olsen Knowledge bank gets because he really does look so much like the twins.

The above shots are from the timeless masterpiece, You’re Invited: Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Slumber Party. In it, Trent did some of his best work, breaking ground by playing Mary-Kate and Ashley’s brother Trent. Not only did the twins recycle footage from the aforementioned “Brother for Sale,” but we still can never forget when he waltzed in blasting the newest Skrillex track, and delivered the line, “We’re just passing through, gotta get some chow from the fridge.” We hope they use that scene in his Oscar reel one day.

Yeah, needless to say, Trent’s acting career was…not a thing, despite some scattered IMDB credits like, “extra in Old School.” And we don’t think he’s shaken by that. How many famous Olsen siblings can there be? With Mary-Kate’s weirdness alone we’re already like, one-and-a-half over the quota. Nonetheless, if there’s one area where James — sorry, Trent, excelled at, it’s being a spare Olsen twin.

Of course, one could argue that Trent was, in fact, the original Mary-Kate or Ashley. In fact, maybe if had a look-alike brother he would’ve been able to star on a hit ABC sitcom. Maybe he and his brother would be running their own international fashion line. Maybe he’d be married to Olivier Sarkozy.

Or maybe not, but there could’ve been a chance for him to have a stronger acting career, because look how cute!

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Hello, ladies! #tbt #ftw #shaboom

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Some of you STILL may be arguing that Elizabeth is the Other Olsen. And yet, this throwback family-line up argues otherwise.

The resemblance is unreal. Elizabeth looks kind of like her sisters, but she might as well be adopted here. Kidding, but we’re making a case for Trent at the moment, so you get it.

Of course, one of the most major public family outings was when the Olsen twins got their Hollywood Walk of Fame star and James tried to step away from looking like two very teensy fashionistas. Since it was, you know, 2004, he was able to keep his visage undercover with an enormous trucker hat. Also, facial hair helped him hide from the stone cold reality that he was MK & A’s spare twin. And yet…

olsen twins family

Madness. These days, the 33-year-old is keeping a low profile. Apparently, he graduated from the University of Southern California so, that’s cool. And from what we can tell from his barely utilized Instagram, he’s gotten just a little bit better at hiding his Olsenage. Stronger hats, darker facial hair, it’s definitely a look.

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There are a couple other gentlemen missing from this photo… But it will have to do. Because most of them made sure to exchange #dickpics as soon as the ball dropped. #puberty

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And yet you cannot hide that family nose. Anyway, even though he never shot to superstardom, we do have to give a shout-out to Trent. You will always be the OG Olsen and the reason for one of the most important songs of the ’90s. Who needs a fashion empire, anyway?