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"It's Cookie Time!"‘Troop Beverly Hills’ Turns 26 — See Where Your Favorite Wilderness Girls Are Today!

“We’re the girls from Beverly Hills, shopping is our greatest skill. We will fight and try real hard, leave behind our credit card! Beverly Hills, what a thrill! Beverly Hills, what a thrill!”

It seems like just yesterday a righteous woman in the form of a Beverly Hills housewife (with uh-mazing hair) took over her daughter’s wilderness girls troop — and magic ensued.

That’s right — we’re talking about the ’80s cult classic Troop Beverly Hills! Can you believe it’s been 26 years since it hit the big screen???

troop beverly hills

(GIF Credt:

So where are those gals today?

troop beverly hills

(GIF Credt:

Take a trip down memory lane full of “cigars! cigarettes! cookies!” to see what the ladies are up to now — and don’t forget to do ‘The Freddie‘!

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