Did Game of Thrones producers really leave a truck in the background? That’s the question that’s been haunting the minds of fans ever since a shot showing a modern day vehicle was discovered. We, as viewers have to take a lot of leaps while we watch the hit HBO show. We accept that fire-breathing dragons are real, men can be raised from the dead, and black magic is a thing… but we refuse to accept the fact that there could be a pick-up truck in a show based in medieval times. That’s our line. Consider it drawn.

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After Season 7 Episode 6 — titled “Beyond the Wall” — aired, people began questioning one of the scenes. Once they stopped mourning Viserion’s death and stopped arguing over whether Arya or Sansa Stark was right in their argument (#TeamSansa), they collected themselves and took to the Internet to discuss the GoT creators possible mistake. Watch the video below to see!

The hilarious photo was shared on Instagram on Aug. 23 and already has over 150,000 likes (the fandom is strong). The pic is captioned, “Knew this show wasn’t real.” Of course, the show isn’t real, but we have to believe that it’s realistic enough not to include an automobile… right? Twitter wasn’t as convinced. Check out the best reactions below:


Alas… we have the truth behind Truckgate. As it turns out, it wasn’t a mistake because the shot is actually from the behind-the-scenes footage. So yes, it did play during the episode, but it was after the actual show aired. If you go back and re-watch the episode, you won’t see the truck… just a lot of snow and White Walkers. Westeros’ integrity is restored!