She may not be playing Elena Gilbert on the hit TV show Vampire Diaries anymore, but fans are still heavily invested in Nina Dobrev‘s personal life — particularly whether or not the 28-year-old has a boyfriend. Scroll down to get all your burning questions about the popular actress answered!

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Who is Nina Dobrev dating in 2017?

Nina has been dating Hidden Figures star Glen Powell since December. “They have a similar group of friends and have been seeing each other on the low for a little while,” a source told E! News. “Glen really likes Nina. She is completely his type of gal. They know and have met each other’s families. Glen is a very family oriented guy and Nina loves that about him.”

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Nina and Glen in January 2016.

Before that, the brunette beauty dated actor Austin Stowell from April 2015 to February 2016. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she revealed, “A lot of what attracts me is a guy’s mind and humor and talent. I need to get to know all those things before I fall for someone. I’m not a one-night-stand kind of girl. I’m a relationship girl.”

When did Nina Dobrev and Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder break up?

The pair dated for three years before splitting in 2013, but continued to work together on their show. Ian is now married to actress Nikki Reed, and the couple is expecting their first child together.

In February, Ian shot down rumors that there was bad blood between his ex and his wife. “Chilling with these two… Let’s stop spreading hate everyone, there’s already too much of that right now in our world. Join in on the love. Only love here — always has been always will be,” he wrote on Instagram next to a photo of the trio grabbing dinner. “Let’s finish this series with respect and kindness and continue that in our lives.”

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Chilling with these two… After years of websites pretending these two badass ladies knew each other well and baseless, false information of back stabbing and hatred from low-brow websites filled the minds and hearts of fans… They finally were able to get together for their first real dinner. Let’s stop spreading hate everyone, there’s already too much of that right now in our world. Join in on the love. Only love here- always has been always will be. Media companies preying on the passion from vulnerable and or impressionable minds of fans to sell advertising through click-though traffic is a disease in our society. It’s poisonous. Let’s finish this series with respect and kindness and continue that in our lives. I think it’s time. What do think?

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What is Nina Dobrev’s Instagram and Snapchat?

You can find the star, who was born in Bulgaria, on Instagram @nina, but she currently does not have a Snapchat. Follow her on Twitter instead @ninadobrev!

What is Nina Dobrev’s net worth?

Nina is worth $6 million, according to She began her career at the age of 17, appearing in Degrassi: The Next Generation alongside Drake from 2006 to 2009. But the former gymnast will forever be remembered for her six-season stint on The Vampire Diaries — though it sounds like she wouldn’t return for a reboot. “I am satisfied with the way the show ends — the fact that Elena finds peace and becomes human, which is what she always wanted,” she said after the series finale in March. “She gets to be with the man that she loves, which is what she always wanted. She gets to say goodbye to her former love and now best friend. I cried during a lot of moments.”

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What movies has Nina Dobrev been in?

Though she’s mainly known for her television work, Nina appeared alongside Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly in 2011’s The Roommate, and starred opposite Emma Watson in 2012’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She most recently teamed up with Vin Diesel for the 2017 action film xXx: Return of Xander Cage.