You may want to rethink buying those PINK boy short panties!

In a recently released investigative report, an NBC News team found that sales associates at Victoria’s Secret, among other stores, have been putting used underwear back on shelves.

All items had been retagged and laid out without question as to where they came from.

Um, gross! We’re not in the market for used undies, thank you very much!

victoria's secret selling used underwear

Since the report was published, all the retailers have released statements. “Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction and safety. The actions you describe are a clear and significant violation of our policy,” Victoria’s Secret said.

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“We take this situation very seriously and are taking immediate action to re-educate all of our associates on the proper way to handle returns.”

Here’s hoping we don’t see a pink VS bag under the Christmas tree this year! was the first to report on this story.