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Apparently, the Queen Low-Key Can’t Stop Watching ‘The Crown’ — and We’re Like, Same

Turns out, even Queen Elizabeth II likes to Netflix and chill! A source recently revealed to In Touch that the monarch has been binging one show in particular — and it happens to be about her life! “The queen is obsessed with The Crown!” one palace insider shared. “It makes her feel nostalgic, and she’s intrigued by how the series [and actress Claire Foy] portrays her."

The insider continued, "She loves comparing certain scenes to what really happened behind closed doors.” And, according to the show, things sometimes got steamy! Unsurprisingly, Prince Philip “doesn’t share her enthusiasm." It's speculated throughout the second season (spoiler alert!) that His Royal Haughtiness, er, Highness, cheats on his very famous wife, so we can understand why he may not want to relive the past. Too bad she rules the remote! We can’t help but wonder what the royals make of the series’ more scandalous scenes. Scroll down for a look at the most jaw-dropping moments from Season 2!