When it comes to telling it like it is, Jersey Shore BFF Joey Camasta is the man for the job. On Jan. 10, the makeup artist, 40, took to The Morning Toast where he revealed a number of insights on Jenni “JWoww” Farley’s divorce proceedings from her estranged husband, Roger Mathews.

ICYMI: News broke in September that the reality star, 32, and Roger, 43, were calling it quits. In the time since, though, neither has given a definitive reason. In fact, depending on the week, fans of the couple remain unsure if the divorce is actually happening. However, based on Joey’s musings, it seems as though it is.

For starters, he addressed the controversy over Jenni trying to take away their children — Meilani, 4, and Greyson, 2 — from their father. “There’s all this speculation about her trying to take the kids away from Roger. That’s not the case at all,” Joey insisted. “Jenni [makes] this very clear, he’s a fabulous father and she would never want to take the children away from him. That’s the last thing she would want to do. She just simply is seeking a divorce.”

“People fall out of love, I guess. There was no foul play, no one cheated,” the It’s Happening With Snooki & Joey host continued. “They wanted different things. She was looking for someone more supportive, I think. I think he wasn’t supportive of her career.” As it stands, JWoww has yet to address Joey’s comments.

That said, his explanation definitely make a lot of sense. After all, when is the last time Roger appeared along Jenni on TV? Back in the day, he seemed much more willing to partake in JWoww’s chosen career path. Ummm, hello?! They started dating on Season 1 of Jersey Shore. Perhaps in the years since, the spotlight became too much for him. Sigh. As much as we love Jenni and Roger together, some relationships are just past the point of fixing.