They're going to the live shows! Season 13 of NBC's hit talent competition series America's Got Talent kicked off with a bang, but only one of the acts literally wowed the judges. An acrobatic dance group from Austria named Zurcaroh put on such an amazing performance that they got a standing ovation from judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel — and they even earned host Tyra Banks' Golden Buzzer which means they get to bypass multiple rounds of eliminations and head straight to the finals.

Leader Peterson da Cruz Hora explained that he founded the group in 2009 and he accepts dancers, gymnasts, and acrobats at all levels, so anyone who wants to join his group would never be excluded due to lack of experience or talent. Right before Zurcaroh took the stage, Peterson explained why it was so important for his group to audition for AGT. "Because this is the biggest stage in the world where I can share our skills and our talent," Peterson explained.

Zurcaroh put on a rousing performance full of daring acrobatics and precise synchronicity. Afterwards, all Howie could say was "wow" and each of the judges took turns praising the group for the amazing feat they just pulled off. Simon even said Zurcaroh's performance was "incredible" and "breathtaking" and right before the judges were about to vote yes or no, Tyra interrupted.

"Hold up, I am collecting my breath," she said as she made her way to the judges' table. "This is so crazy that you know what I have to do," she continued as she hit the Golden Buzzer which means that Zurcaroh is advancing in the competition.

Many of the dancers broke down in tears onstage at the news, and Peterson put everything into perspective backstage when Tyra asked him to explain how much this meant to him and his group. "What does it mean? I told my group that it could change our life with this performance," Peterson said, "and I think it just did."