Week 3 of the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals has officially kicked off, and as the country helps narrow down the field of hopeful winners, Life & Style caught up with some of the early favorites for behind-the-scenes info — including gossip about what the judges are really like off-camera. Scroll down for the inside scoop!

Roller-skating siblings Billy and Emily England fight about everything.

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“Whatever she says, I don’t agree with,” Billy, 30, who performs death-defying routines with his sister, tells Life & Style. “I have to micromanage her. I’m always on time or early and she’s always late, so I’ll be waiting for her in the heat or something.” Things got so bad between the duo before the quarterfinals that Emily, 28, walked out of their five-hour rehearsal. “I was swearing and yelling at him about moves. I left the room crying,” she admits.

Singer Angelica Hale is juggling both AGT and online private school.

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“It’s always a challenge to balance school with everything else, but I’m used to it,” the 10-year-old tells Life & Style. “I have a very exciting life, and that’s absolutely worth it!” Adds the Golden Buzzer recipient, “All the judges are super nice and I have received a lot of great advice, especially from Howie [Mandel]. Tyra [Banks] is very supportive and caring. She helped calm my nerves and regain confidence just before my first live performance.”

Deaf songstress Mandy Harvey earned Simon Cowell‘s Golden Buzzer, but appreciates his criticism.

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The 29-year-old’s mom, Valerie, tells Life & Style, “Simon is the most willing to be critical. But it’s constructive… it helps her grow as a musician. That dream [initially] died when she lost her hearing; she was heartbroken and devastated. But she decided she wasn’t going to be stopped!”

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