Fans were shocked when Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged after only a few months of dating, but according to a new interview with the Sweetener singer, she’s actually had a crush on him for several years!

While speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Aug. 16, Ariana admitted to the host that she actually had her eye on Pete for a while. “We met on SNL two or three years ago,” the 25-year-old told Jimmy. “We never exchanged numbers, we weren’t even friends for the longest time. I had the biggest crush in the world on him for a long time, like forever. My friends used to make fun of me for it.” 

But Ariana says she never made a move. “I left his writer’s room when we were writing skits for the show and my tour manager was in the hallway — and I’m not like a crush-y person. I don’t have crushes on people I don’t know,” she explained. “But I left and I like jokingly said to my tour manager, I said, ‘I’m marrying him, 100 percent. I’m literally marrying him.’ We weren’t even friends. I didn’t even see him at the after party!” Well, it looks like Ariana should add “fortune teller” to her list of talents! You can watch her interview below. 

The singer dropped her new album Sweetener on Friday, Aug. 17, and obviously gushed about her man in the lyrics. She even named a song after him! “And I know you know that you’re my soulmate and all that/I’m like ooh, ooh/My whole life got me ready for you,” she sings in “Pete Davidson.” Clearly, the two are head over heels in love. At the same time, Ariana seemingly used her new album to shade her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller

In the song “Better Off” she sings, “I’m better off without him, I’m better off being a wild one. On the road a lot, had to keep it a thousand, So that I’m better off not being around ya.” Fans immediately pointed fingers at the 26-year-old rapper and roasted him on Twitter.

“Mac Miller is probably listening to Ariana Grande’s album with a tear in his eye,” one fan tweeted, with a second adding, “This is so sad, Alexa, play ‘The Way’ by Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller.” 

Yikes! Hopefully Mac Miller stays off the internet today!