It’s been nine years since The Hangover and we still consider the guys to be our three-best-friends-that-anyone-could-have — but there is one major person in the Wolfpack who we haven’t seen in a while. No, not you, fat Jesus… we’re talking about Carlos! Would you be able to spot baby Carlos (aka Tyler) today? 

Let’s be honest: Baby Carlos was in the movie more than Doug, but somehow he’s uncredited. Seriously, WTH? Well, as it turns out, there was actually eight different babies who played baby Carlos in the original movie. Grant Holmquist, who played a majority of the role (58%), shared the screen with his twin sister, Avery, who stepped in 40% of the time— leaving the other babies to make up the difference. 

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Being the only boy out of the eight babies, Grant regained his title as Carlos (aka Tyler) in the third trilogy of the movie in 2013. But the role wasn’t just handed to the four-year-old — it was earned! That’s right, Grant had to audition for the role. Naturally, the blue-eyed boy had an advantage. 

It’s been five years since The Hangover Part III was released, and we still can’t help but wonder what little Carlos looks like now! Well, hold on to your satchels because the sunglasses baby is now 10 years old! 

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Courtesy of Carrie Holmquist

Just a friendly reminder that no matter what you do in life, you’ll never be as accomplished as the kid who starred in a hit movie besides Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis when he was less than a year old. Although Grant has not acted in other films just yet, we know we can expect to see big things from him in the future!

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