For a group of dudes who vowed to never fall in love at the Jersey Shore — or really any place with excessive booze and women — they sure did end up breaking their own cardinal rule a lot! Of course, Ronnie Magro takes the cake in that respect, but even the designated house playboy, Pauly “Pauly D” DelVecchio, got his romance on during the hit MTV series.

Insert Rocio from Jersey Shore: The only lady to steal Pauly’s heart, even if it was only for one season. Question is, where is she now? Surely, any woman dazzling enough to hold the attention of a world class DJ like Pauly has gone on to do great things. Well, as it turns out, Rocio (last name Olea) has remained a bit of a mystery in the years following her reality TV days.

During the last episode of Season 2, the pair kisses — in matching yellow outfits, no less — and that’s seemingly the end of their love affair. The last anyone has seen of Rocio is in a YouTube video made five years ago titled, “Rocio Olea is the Ultimate Miami Girl.” Which, TBH, we have no real idea of what’s going on there.

Nowadays, given her lack of social media, it’s hard to be certain of her whereabouts. That said, through a little investigation, we came to find that out of all Pauly D’s 3 million Instagram followers, only one “Rocio” follows him. You can go ahead and add us to the list of Pauly stalkers — we don’t care.

Permitting the Rocio that follows him is THE Jersey Shore Rocio, then she’s off the market! According to the user bio, she’s married with two children. Sorry, Pauly, you snooze, you lose. Then again, this is Pauly D we’re talking about. He’s destined to be a bachelor for the rest of his life. In fact, The Bachelor x Jersey Shore crossover? Someone get that going, please.

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