Never one to beat around the bush, outspoken Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has addressed those plastic surgery rumors surrounding her more than once — and has proudly admitted to being a fan of Botox. “Maybe once a year, I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I look like a Shar-Pei, let me do that,'” she said. The 46-year-old reveals she’s also used Botox in her jaw area to help with clenching, which in turn altered her face shape. “You can see my jaw has completely changed,” she shared.

Dr. Jonathan Sykes, a facial plastic surgeon who, like the other experts quoted in this article, hasn’t treated Bethenny, approves of the work. “She’s made changes to soften her facial appearance,” he told Life & Style exclusively. “The contraction of her lower face muscles has lessened, giving her face a more heart-shaped appearance.”

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Bethenny in 2005 (left) vs. 2017.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin agreed, adding: “Her face has a more feminine, oval shape, where as before it was more square and masculine.” With her pristine skin and limited wrinkles, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn is thoroughly impressed. “Whatever help she’s had, Bethenny looks great,” he said, “and amazingly young!” Below is a breakdown of other procedures our experts think the reality star has undergone.


As the years pass, the Skinnygirl’s forehead doesn’t change. “It appears completely smooth,” explained Dr. Youn, “possibly due to injections of Botox.” Price tag: $800.


“She appears to have had some filler augmentation of her cheekbone area,” said Dr. Rivkin. He thinks she’s using Juvéderm Voluma ($3K-$4K every 18 to 24 months).


Dr. Sykes noted the clear “change in her facial shape,” and Dr. Rivkin specified that it’s from Botox to “reduce the masseter muscles of her jaw.” Cost: $1K per session.


Dr. Rivkin believes Bethenny is “taking better care of her skin by tanning less,” but he thinks she might also be getting Fraxel laser procedures ($1K) and weekly facials ($150-$200).

Overall, the doctors can all agree that Bethenny has had great results. “It’s like she’s aging in reverse,” praised Dr. Anthony Youn.