Our girl Jessica Simpson’s career has changed a lot in 17 years, but remarkably, the same can’t be said about her face! Fans speculate if the 37-year-old may have gotten plastic surgery. Life & Style talked to a few experts about what the reality star may have had done over the last few years. Scroll down for their thoughts on the designer’s changing looks. Note: None of the doctors quoted in this article have worked with Jessica directly.

“I don’t see any dramatic change, which is a win,” NYC-area plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek tells Life & Style of the singer-turned-fashion-mogul. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had help, of course. Both Dr. Fallek and Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell agree that signs of Botox are present.

jessica simpson before and after getty images

Jessica in 2000 (left) vs. 2017. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


“You can tell by looking at the position of the inside part of her brow. It’s lower than the outside part,” says Dr. DeLuca- Pytell. Fillers are also at work, says NYC dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg, who, like the other experts in this story, hasn’t treated the star. “Her eyes look deeper-set, which may be a result of filler in the cheeks or weight gain,” he says. “Placement of fillers in the temples might produce a more balanced look.” Botox in the glabella, the space between the eyebrows, is likely what changed their angle. Average cost? Around $600.


“It appears she’s used fillers to lift and contour her face, especially in the mid-cheek,” says Dr. Goldenberg.”Contouring with fillers has kept her youthful.” Cost? From $1.2K to $5K.


She’s denied having her nose done, but Dr. Fallek believes otherwise. “It’s slimmer in width and also on the bridge,” he says. A good rhinoplasty can set you back up to $10K.


Jess’ pout (which she’s admitted to plumping in the past) looks fuller. “The lower lip should be slightly larger than the upper,” says Dr. DeLuca-Pytell. “The reversal of normal anatomy is a telltale sign of injections,” which can run $625 per syringe.

Overall, however, the docs agree that Jessica’s had good results. “She looks great,” praises Dr. Goldenberg. “Younger than her actual age!”