She’s definitely an open book! Jessica Simpson has spoken candidly about her plastic surgery procedures over the years, including multiple tummy tucks.

When her bombshell memoir Open Book was released in February 2020, the “With You” songstress revealed that she underwent two tummy tuck surgeries despite warnings from her doctor. Jessica’s surgeries occurred in 2015, following the birth of her first two children, Maxwell, who was born in 2012, and Ace, who was born in 2013.

Keep reading for details on the surgeries, why Jessica’s doctors advised against them and more. 

Did Jessica Simpson Get a Tummy Tuck?

In 2015, the former Newlyweds star went under the knife for two back-to-back tummy tuck surgeries.

“The surgery wasn’t for weight loss. I weighed 107 pounds when I planned the surgery. I wanted to get rid of the stretch marks and loose skin [caused by pregnancy],” Jessica wrote in Open Book. “I was so ashamed of my body at this point that I wouldn’t let [husband Eric Johnson] see me without a white T-shirt on. I had sex with it on and even showered with it on. I couldn’t bear to look at myself.”

After the first surgery, she “still had loose skin.” So, the Texas native scheduled a second tummy tuck two months after the first, noting that she wasn’t “ready to face that laugh-and-point cruelty again,” from body-shamers. 

Jessica Simpson Tummy Tuck
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Why Did Jessica Simpson’s Doctor Tell Her Not to Get a Tummy Tuck?

Before the first surgery, Jessica’s doctor told her that she “could die” if she didn’t stop drinking and taking pills before the procedure.

“When I got home, I cut down on everything, like someone cramming for a test,” she wrote. “I disregarded what my doctor said and kept the surgery date.”

While the initial surgery went fine, she had some complications following the second tummy tuck.

“This surgery was more involved. There was a sense that something was going to go wrong from the get-go, even though I stopped drinking to prepare,” she recalled in the book. “I got an infection — colitis — and was vomiting so much I thought I was going to bust my sutures.”

Eventually, she was able to make a full recovery. Looking back, Jessica wrote that the multiple tummy tucks were not able to “cure what’s inside,” remembering that she was “still just as hard on myself once those stitches were out.”

Has Jessica Simpson Gotten Other Plastic Surgery?

Years after her tummy tuck, the actress revealed in a December 2022 Instagram post that she had gotten a non-surgical face lift.