After two years of dating, David Mosher had planned to propose to his girlfriend Heather Lindsay after falling for the swing-dancing beauty, However, the day the couple was set to get engaged, they were blindsided by terrible news. Heather was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer that had already spread to her lymph nodes.

David, 35, went ahead with the proposal and together they battled her cancer diagnosis. “I left the plans as they were. I proposed to her,” David told Inside Edition. “We had the toughest year of our life. She struggled with her cancer through the traditional chemotherapy.” Despite undergoing chemotherapy treatments, one year later, David and Heather, 31, had learned that the cancer had spread to her brain and lungs. With their wedding date set for Dec. 30, the couple was forced to push it up as doctors feared Heather would not make it.

With the clock ticking, the couple tied the knot at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut — and Heather became a beautiful bride, wearing a wedding dress in her hospital bed. “It was more like a funeral than a wedding, to be honest. It was the hardest hour of my life,” David explained. Eighteen hours after their wedding, Heather died. Her funeral took place on their original wedding date.

Her bridesmaid and close friend Christina Karas, who also met Heather at a swing dancing group, was photographed the big day. "Standing in front of everyone in the chapel, I was hesitant to pull out my camera. As someone who wanted nothing more than to see my friend truly happy, I felt I had to capture these images, which by this point I knew were her final moments with us," she wrote on Facebook. "What you clearly see here is two people who were destined to be joined as one. A love like no other captured for all to see. My gift to her."

“We had a great love,” David added. “Don’t take your love for granted because it could be taken away.” Our thoughts are with Heather's family and friends during this difficult time.