Even if you haven’t finished watching Netflix’s new series, 13 Reasons Why, it’s no secret that each episode is jam-packed with twists and turns. But one question is continuing to haunt fans after the credits role: Does Alex die at the end?


13 reasons why netflix

Alex (Mile Heizer) and Clay (Dylan Minnette) in 13 Reasons Why. (Photo Credit: Netflix)

At the end of Episode 13, we learn that Alex (played brilliantly by Parenthood alum Miles Heizer) has been rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. But it remains unclear whether the high schooler tried to commit suicide like his classmate Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) or whether someone else pulled the trigger.

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Several instances throughout the show point to the fact that Alex was thinking about taking his own life, including a conversation he had with several other students who are mentioned on Hannah’s tapes. When one person warns, “Whatever happens to us, happens to you,” he darkly responds, “So if I kill myself, you die too?”

In the episode dedicated to his tape, Alex also quits jazz band despite his passion for playing the guitar and is later seen jumping into Bryce’s pool, letting himself sink to the bottom before reality sets in.

13 reasons why netflix

Zach (Ross Butler) and Alex on 13 Reasons Why. (Photo Credit: Netflix)

But a new fan theory ponders whether Tyler (Devin Druid) is responsible for shooting Alex after it’s revealed that he’s been stockpiling a variety of weapons. A Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, but viewers are convinced the photographer is planning some sort of mass shooting after his obsession with Hannah becomes public knowledge.

Although Miles hasn’t spoken out about the fate of his character, he did tweet out a message of encouragement to those watching the series. “We made this in [the] hopes that anyone feeling alone knows they’re not,” he wrote.

He later teased on Instagram, “I’m glad everyone’s enjoying 13 Reasons Why! I don’t have a scalp anymore but it was well worth it,” referring to the fact that he bleached his hair for the role.

We really hope a Season 2 is coming!