If you’re a devoted fan of House, you probably already know that its charismatic main character, played by Hugh Laurie, is based on Sherlock Holmes. We were actually pretty surprised when we learned this ourselves, but series creator David Shore has been quite vocal about the intentional similarities between the two characters. From Dr. Wilson being an obvious archetype of Dr. Watson to Dr. House even quoting the same phrases as Sherlock, we’re honestly surprised it took us this long to find out! But for you more hardcore fans, how well do you know House‘s many Sherlock references? Watch the video above to test your knowledge.

house dr. watson

Some other similarities House and Holmes share are that they both play a musical instrument (a violin for Holmes and a guitar for House), they both struggle with drug addiction (cocaine and Vicodin, respectfully), and they both are often brought into investigations long after the case has run cold. Also, many of the actors who were on House later appeared on Elementary — and no, it wasn’t a coincidence.

And if that wasn’t enough Sherlock love for you, in 2017 it was announced that Hugh would star in the upcoming Holmes and Watson movie. His character in the movie hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re glad to see Hugh continue this long list of Sherlock homages. We honestly can’t wait!