Is someone cutting onions? No, that’s why Jessie J couldn’t stop laughing at her boyfriend, Channing Tatum, sporting “onion glasses” while out and about. The actor appeared to be riding his bike while rocking the clear padded goggles, and it was just too good not to share. What are girlfriends for, right?

“You are going to kill me for posting this. But, this is hilarious,” the 31-year-old singer captioned the silly snap on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, June 5. “Just FaceTimed [Channing Tatum] and he said, ‘Babe, I’m wearing onion glasses because I couldn’t find my sunglasses.'”

Channing Tatum Jessie J onion glasses facetime instagram story
Courtesy of Jessie J Instagram

It turns out the strange spectacles were actually Jessie’s. “Onion glasses are ones you wear to stop your eyes watering, which I bought for him so they were at his house for me to use when I cook. I CAN’T.”

Although the couple doesn’t live together at the moment, they clearly enjoy cozy date nights in. Channing, 39, better be careful with those glasses or his homecooked meals could be in jeopardy.

Jessie J Channing Tatum relationship disney land pda hugging
Marksman/ Snorlax / MEGA

The pop star and Magic Mike actor seem to still be going strong and having a blast together. Jessie always keeps it very real with her Instagram followers, whether it’s sharing hilarious onion glasses or clapping back at trolls. Recently, she called out fans who were distorting her features.

Jessie J stop editing pics fans instagram story
Courtesy of Jessie J Instagram

“I am noticing more and more pictures my fans are posting of me where my face is edited,” she wrote on her Instagram Story on June 3. “My nose is often made smaller and pointy, my chin is smaller, my lips are bigger. Please STOP EDITING MY FACE,” the “Flashlight” artist begged.

The “Thunder” songstress concluded by promising that she’s A-OK with her physical appearance. “I look like what I look like. I like my face, flaws and all. If you don’t like my face the way it is, then don’t post pictures of it.”

Please never change, Jessie!