Cuties! Jenna Dewan shared a very rare selfie with her boyfriend, Steve Kazee, and the pair are absolutely adorable together. The Step Up actress and her handsome beau cozied up for a fun selfie during her daughter Everly Tatum‘s 6th birthday party on Saturday, June 2. The sweet celebration was filled with fairy princesses, huge goodie bags and (clearly) lots of love.

The 38-year-old hosted an L.O.L. Surprise-themed party for her only child, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Channing Tatum. There were a large number of attendees at the event, including a group of darling kiddos, some of Jenna’s friends and (of course) her supportive man. The World of Dance star and the actor looked like they had a blast during the cute party and took advantage of the fun photo props. She even added a bright red heart to the snapshot on her Instagram Story.

Jenna Dewan Steve Kazee selfie Everly birthday party
Courtesy of Jenna Dewan Instagram

Things have been going very well for the A-list pair. “I love Steve. He’s amazing,” Jenna’s BFF Emmanuelle Chriqui gushed to Us Weekly on May 31. “I just want her to be happy.” Mission accomplished.

Everly, called Evie for short, was “living her best life” in photos posted by her gorgeous mama. She documented the whole party, including the bright set up, the birthday girl’s pink princess gown and the amazing three-tiered cake. Everly’s actual birthday was on May 31 so she was sure to pull out all the stops a few days later. It looked like a truly magical day for her sweet daughter.

Jenna Dewan Everly Tatum birthday party princesses pink dress evie tatum channing tatum
Courtesy of Jenna Dewan Instagram
Jenna Dewan Everly Tatum birthday party princesses pink dress evie tatum channing tatum cake
Courtesy of Jenna Dewan Instagram

Although Jenna didn’t capture Channing, 39, at the party, he did post a few photos with his daughter on his Instagram Story. He shared a series of dreamy pics that showed Everly wearing the same pink dress from the party while jumping on a trampoline. Later, he put a silly snap of him and his mini-me wearing matching poop emoji hats on social media.

Channing Tatum Everly Tatum poop emoji hats birthday party
Courtesy of Channing Tatum /Instagram

It looks like Everly had a great birthday surrounded by lots of love!