It’s the moment every ‘90s girl has been waiting for. Iconic pop couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are allegedly set to collaborate on a song together according to superstar producer Timbaland!

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According to the hosts of the podcast Pop University, who attended a taping of the new show Boy Band on which Timbaland is a star. Seizing the opportunity, Maddie Lazer and Hannah Rowston, the hosts of the podcast, went up to the 45-year-old producer to get the low down on the possibility of a “Justney” collab.

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When they finally got to ask Timbaland if he and the ‘90s pop icons were going to be creating new tunes together, he pretty much confirmed. “Yes, it’s coming,” he told them. “It’s coming.”

Rumors of a collaboration have been swirling for a while now. Just last year, while answering fan questions in a Q&A, the mother-of-two hinted at the desire to collaborate with her former love. J.T. too has expressed some interest in working alongside the Pop Princess. When asked by E! News as to whether or not he would reconnect with the blonde beauty he said, “She [wants to collaborate]? Sure! Absolutely, absolutely.”

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Everybody and their mother, of course, would love to see Brit and Justin reunite. Even Justin’s former bandmate Lance Bass expressed his excitement for the reported impending collab.

“I would love to see that happen, of course. I think everyone in the world wants to see them together again in any capacity. It’s like everyone’s childhood dream,” he told E! News. “I think it would be an incredible collaboration. I would want it to be a dance number, though. I want them to both—kinda like that Michael-Janet [Jackson] type thing, would be incredible.”

All we can say is that we are anxiously awaiting. And we hope they’ve already bought their denim outfits!