New things are on the horizon for JWoww, a.k.a. Jersey Shore alum Jenni Farley — and yes, we mean in the ~love~ department. During a live taping of their podcast “It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey,” our girl Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, and her BFF Joey Camasta, got the gossip out of Jenni about her new man after her divorce from ex-husband Roger Mathews.

When asked what her new beau’s name was during the Wednesday, April 24 show at the Count Basie Center for the Arts in Red Bank, NJ, the 34-year-old mama played it coy.  “24,” she said cryptically. Wait, his name is 24? Oh, we see what you did there, girl … Luckily, In Touch learned his name is actually Zack Clayton Carpinello. Learn more about him here!

JWoww and Roger kissing wearing all black
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“24 is 24,” she continued. “We’re filming Jersey Shore right now and we nicknamed him ‘24’.” The comment got a bunch of applause from the crowd, but it was a little hard to tell if they were happy about filming or Jenni’s new boy toy. The safest answer is probably both — a lot of good things are going down right now, y’all.

JWoww’s longtime BFF even had great things to say about the new guy. “He’s very handsome, by the way,” Snooki revealed. “Jenni has been going through some [s—t] but I’ve never seen this girl more happier and more herself than this moment right now.”

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We’re glad to see Jenni moving on to something (and someone) that makes her happy. The reality star decided to end things with her former husband in September 2018 after eight years together and three years of marriage. The couple has endured a rough road since announcing their decision to separate, so it’s nice to see JWoww speaking positively on her love life.

“I wish it was over but it’s not so I decided to move on and I moved on with a 24-year old,” Jenni said. “Life is a [f—king] roller coaster but it’s very enjoyable. I’m living my best life right now.”