And the award for the best #TBT ever goes to … Katharine McPhee. On January 31, the actress, 34, took to Instagram to share a never before seen picture of Meghan Markle as a kid and y’all, we are shook. “Meghan and I did musicals together as kids. She grew up to be the Duchess of Sussex and I grew up to star on the West End, so same life if you ask me,” Katharine captioned the adorable throwback snapshot of the pair.

OK, for starters, how long has Kat being holding onto this gem? For real, girl, Meghan, 37, has been a royal since May! You could have taken this out of the vault sooner. Geez. Secondly, we need more context, like, now. What musical were they performing in when this was taken? Why does it look as though Katharine is wearing a Poison Ivy costume while Megan is dressed as a French maid? What performance could possibly include both of those? 

Alright, fine, we’ll pause our game of 20 questions … for now. Moving forward, the internet pretty much went wild seconds after Katharine hit post. “OMG. Really?! This is amazing. Thank you for sharing,” one user commented. “I’m dead. I. AM. DEAD.” added another. Same here, people, same here. 

TBH, even if you aren’t a fan of the royal family — WTF is wrong with you? — or someone who followed Meghan’s story — no, really, are you OK? — there’s a strong chance that you can appreciate this throwback. After all, how many of your friends from childhood grew up to be one of the most recognized people in the world? We bet not many. Actually, er, we bet none — none of your friends from childhood are Meghan Markle. You suck.

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